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Inception of Idea to Research Publication : Traverse the Path with Us

Proposal Writing

  • Introduction
  • Review of Literature (ROL)
  • Methodology (Sample Size, Sampling Tech, Questionnaire Design, Core Section, Plan of Analysis)
  • References
  • Budget for Proposal

Data Analytics

  • Sheet Preparation In MS Excel/EpiInfo/Google Forms etc
  • Qualitative Data Analysis
  • Quantitative Data Analysis

Manuscript & Report

  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • References

Journal Selection & Manuscript Submission

  • Selection among Indexed Journals (Pubmed/ Scopus / National / International)
  • Preparation & Submission of Manuscript as per Journal Guidelines

Evidence based Research

  • Reviews / Systematic Reviews /Meta Analysis.
  • Analysis of Existing Databases( like Census, CRS,SRS, NFHS, DSS, Cancer etc).
  • Health economics and outcomes research (HEOR)
  • Health Technology Assessment(HTA)

Other Services

  • Thesis Consultation
  • Extracting publishable Manuscript out of Thesis.
  • Critically Review of Manuscript/ Questionnaire / Methodology
  • Training/Course Material Development
  • Poster Preparation for Conferences.


  • Dahuja A, Bansal K, Gupta N, Arora S, Garg RS, Gupta M. Comparing pattern of musculoskeletal injuries prior to and during COVID 19 lockdown: A time trend case study from a tertiary level Trauma Center of Northern India. J Family Med Prim Care 2020 (Accepted for publication)
  • Rao C, Gupta A, Gupta M, and Yadav A. Premature adult mortality in India: What is the size of the matter? Accepted for publication in Bull World Health Organ 2020. IF= 6.96
  • Rao C & Gupta M. The Civil Registration System is a potentially viable data source for reliable subnational mortality measurement in India. BMJ Global Health. Accepted for Publication. IF-7.8
  • Rohilla R, Kumar P, Patil AN, Panchal S, Arora A, Gupta M. Appropriateness evaluation of Drug Information Center’s Facebook page for evidence-based drug information dissemination. Journal of the American Pharmacists Association. 2020 Apr 17. IF:2.076
  • Shah MA, Shah MK, Shah SD, Patel HD, Shah PK, Gupta M. Risk of Arterial and Venous Thromboembolic Events with Bevacizumab, An Antibody Against Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor a (VEGF-A): A Meta-Analysis Risk of Arterial and Venous Thromboembolic Events with Bevacizumab, An Antibody Against Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor a (VEGF-A): A Meta-Analysis. Global Journal of Medical Research 2020;20(1). 71. Online ISSN: 2249-4618; Print ISSN: 0975-5888
  • Gupta M, Lakshmi PVM, Prinja S, Singh TD, Sirari T, Rao C, Kumar R. Comparative performance of verbal autopsy methods in identifying causes of adult mortality: A case study in India. Accepted for Publication in Indian Journal of Medical Research. Impact factor: 2.061
  • Gupta M, Kaur M, Lakshmi PVM, Singh TD, Prinja S, Sirari T, Kumar R. Social autopsy for identifying causes of adult mortality. PlosOne June 2018. Impact factor: 2.806
  • Gupta M, Rao C, Lakshmi PVM, Prinja S, Kumar R. Estimating mortality using data from civil registration. Bull World Health Organ 2016;94:10–21. Impact factor: 5.3
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  • Lakshmi PVM., Kaur M., Gupta M, Singh S. Can refreshing of knowledge & skills change quality of counseling services for people living with HIV/AIDS? BSSS Journal of Social Work.2011. 1(3), 48-59. ISSN: 0975-251X.
  • Chapters in books Kaur M & Gupta M. Heath care seeking behavior of people living with HIV/AIDS in Chandigarh: A mixed methods approach. Chapter 15. In: Sibnath Deb & Archana Shukla ed. HIV/ AIDS in India: A Public Health Approach on Contemporary Trends. New Delhi: Global Vision Publishing House, 2015.
  • Gupta M, Kaur M, Sharma A, Kumar R. Heath care seeking behavior of people living with HIV/AIDS in Chandigarh. In: Chidambaranathan C, Mary IJ, ed. AIDS causes and cure. Jaipur: Aavishkar Publishers, 2014.

Paper Presentations

  • Gupta M. How soon to start the stroke rehabilitation? Answers from Meta-analysis. International Conference on Imminent Concerns & Applications; 12-14th February 2020; Panjab University, Chandigarh, India (Oral).
  • Gupta M, Kaur M, Lakshmi PVM, Prinja S, Singh TD, Sirari T, Kumar R. Social causes of adult mortality. 60th National Annual Conference of Indian Public Health Association; 4th – 6th March 2016; Dehradun, India (Oral)
  • Gupta M, Lakshmi PVM, Prinja S, Singh TD, Sirari T, Kumar R. Performance of computer coded verbal autopsy in identifying causes of adult mortality. First Public Health Symposium on Health informatics: opportunities and challenges; 7th- 8th March 2015; Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh, India (Poster)- Got first prize
  • Gupta M, Kaur M, Kumar R. Health Care Seeking Behavior among HIV/AIDS cases at tertiary Hospital/ ART Center in Chandigarh. Second International Conference on Alcohol and HIV/AIDS; 29th Sep 2010; India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India.

Domain Expertise

Bio-Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

Public Health & Community Medicine

  • HIV/TB
  • Demography (fertility, burden of diseases etc)
  • Civil Registration & Vital Statistics System
  • Sample Registration System
  • Maternal & Child Health incl. Respectful Maternity Care
  • Social and Verbal Autopsy
  • Health Program and System Assessment
  • Community Needs Assessment
  • Epidemiological Modelling

Clinical / Non-Clinical

  • Nephrology
  • Orthopaedics
  • Paediatrics
  • Pharmacology
  • Anaesthesia
  • Radiology
  • General Surgery
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Dentistry